Reiki History

Reiki is a healing method done through the touch of the hand. In every religious scripture we have always heard saints healing people or giving new life with their touch of their hand. You can read most of these events on the lifetime of Buddha and Christ, Guru Nanak, etc. This is just an example but surly it looks like these saints have used the same universal power.

It is difficult to predict how old reiki is but it has been said that during the life time of Buddha this method was very popular, which is proximately about 2500years back. Healing of reiki is believed to be limited to the saints and masters; tantric, etc in the past and this was certainly not practiced and used by ordinary people neither it was taught. Reiki was passed on from one generation to the next through teacher student relationship. 

Thought Reiki has always been effective it was not very popular in the beginning because the belief prevailed that illness is only related to physical reality and has nothing to do with mind. Second reason, the learned ones did not want this gift to be misused. And the third assuming that the saints and learned wanted to keep it to themselves so only they could earn the respect. 

The discovery of Reiki healing took a lot of disciplined practice and dedication by the earned ones.  But today Reikie healing is easily available to us within our affordable resource and to all without any discrimination. this disciple was then made available through a technique by Doc. Mikau Usu who worked on its discovery for more than 28 years. 

Doc. Mikau usu was born in one of the city in Japan around 1800 b.c.  From his early age he was very interested in spirituality. He even taught Bible in Kyoto in one of the Christian college in Japan where he also worked as a principle. While teaching bible he encounterd questioned from students on the topics where Jeses heales people by the touch of his hands. For this Doc Mikau had no answer. Believing that it is true he then went for long search for its answer. Then his only aim in life became finding the way toward healing through hands. He studied various religious teaching and techniques not failed in his endeavors. When he returned from his journey he spent long time in a Buddhist monastery where he found that this healing methods being used by Buddha himself but there was nothing in the scriptures that was mentioned regarding it. Then he travel extensively to Nepal being the birth place of Buddha, Tibet and India. He also learned Sanskrit. He also found many places in Tibetan Buddhist scripture where healing through the energy was mentioned. There is also learned a lot on secret symbols and studies. After not being able to reach any solid conclusion he returned to Japan and became a close friend with a Buddhist monk to whom he expressed all his confusion.

Then eventually they came to a conclusion an discovery that only through meditation and solitude practice the secret of this energy can be discovered and attained. Because all those saints and learned ones such as Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus, Mohammad all were a meditators and practicnors and morality. 


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